Columbus model 200 with bakelite foot, 1941 with chrome meridian

Diameter: 32 cm

Total height: 52 cm

Age: 1941


Description: This is a very detailed Columbus globe. The globe is really very detailed and presents political and physical elements. The countries are beautifully coloured and outlined. The globe shows in great detail:

  • Caravan routes;

  • Chinese wall;

  • Telegraph lines;

  • Major broadcasting stations;

  • Flying routes;

  • Former German colonies;

  • Steamship routes;

  • International dateline;

  • Etc.

 Also physical marks such as tundra, desert, drifting ice are shown. Also the locations of minerals are shown (silver, cupper, diamonds, cotton etc) and fish grounds.

 In the bakelite base of the globe is a compass.

On a part of the south pole is says: Neu Schwabenland, Beansprucht vom Deutschen Reich, (Ritschers Exp.38/39)


 Literature: A rare and interesting Second World War period Columbus globe. Columbus globes were not usually dated, the exception being those produced during the Second World War, which were updated to show the expansion of the Reich. The present example shows Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland as part of the DEUTCHES REICH. It is also interesting to note the construction of the globe: there are no polar calottes, and the stand itself is bakelite, all symptomatic of the production methods to suit the scarcities of a wartime economy (Christie’s Globes and Planetaria, 24 June 1998)


 Condition: The globe is in a perfect shape. There is a small pinhole in Berlin.


 Cartouche: Columbus Erdglobus, Modell 200, politisch-fysisch mit wirtschaftsgeografischen Eintragungen, Massstab 1:40.000.000, bearbeitet von O. Winkel, Columbusverlag Paul Oestergaard KG, Berlin-Lichterfelde, 1941

 $ 590,- of € 490,-

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