A lighted glass globe of approximately 1950.

Diam. 32 cm,  total height 50 cm. Approx. 1950.This terrestrial globe has not yet the Duo function. This is invented by the Columbus company to celebrate the companies fiftieth birthday: With the light switched off you see the political boundaries and with the light switched on you see the physical details. The globe is made of glass. This is a globe in good condition for its age. It has a chromed meridian also in good condition. The meridian is attached to a turned wooden foot. The globe shows the Graf Zeppelin route. It shows the shipping routes, currents and fishing grounds. The countries are coloured and outlined. Also caravan routes and the Chinese wall are shown. Also this globe shows the minerals, major crops and typical animals in a specific region. Also the borders of palm trees are visible. The globe is manufactured by Columbus verlag, Berlin und Stuttgart. Bearbeitet von oberrealschuldirektor Dr. R. Neus. Neurevidiert von kartograph C. Luther.


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