Columbus Lighted Art deco streamline, 1950

Diameter: 30 cm

Total height: 40 cm.

Age: 1950.

Description: This is a very nice lighted Columbus globe. The globe is made from paper gores on a glass globe. The glass globe is mounted in a chromed meridian which is attached to a chrome/wooden base. This terrestrial globe has the Duo function. This is invented by the Columbus company in 1959 with the companies fiftieth birthday: With the light switched off you see the political boundaries and with the light switched on you see the physical details.  

Condition:The surface condition is very good

Cartouche: Columbus Duo Erdglobus, System: Villinger - Oestergaard, Politisch und Physikalisch, Bearbeitet: Dr. R. Neuse Kartograph C. Luther, Columbus Verlag Paul Oestergaard K.G. Berlin und Stuttgart.

$ 455,- or 325,-

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