Columbus Duo Library globe, 1960

Diameter: 51 cm

Total height: 135 cm.

Age: 1960-1970

Description: This model is a particular masterpiece of traditional globe manufacturing combined with innovative technology. The manufacturing of a hand-blown 21 inch large crystal glass globe is a true challenge that only a handful of glass artisans worldwide can conquer. This is why it takes many days until the selected materials can be turned into a cartographic and optical masterpiece with a great deal of experience, ability and passion. The cartography is hand-papered. This technique, handed down from generation to generation, has only been mastered . The passion and the craft required to produce this model, its stately size, simple elegance and extraordinary quality make it something truly special - unique and impossible to imitate.

The Duo Map   The political  map (switched off) shows the various countries of the earth in many matched colors.   The physical  map (switched on) shows the mountains, the plates, the plains and sea-beds. The impression of relief shown by the illuminated map is really astonishing.   Columbus doesn't just print their globes; they strive to create an incredibly deep, flawless shine.   It all starts in their state-of-the-art ‘clean printing room’, where their craftsmen work just with superior acrylic sheets. Bringing in all kind of papers is strictly forbidden, because it would bring in fine paper dust particles which could later be attracted in the printing process. Printing up to 24 successive layers of colors, there’s a curing process between each layer, along with an inspection and careful cleaning. Once the printing is complete, a high gloss clear coat layer is applied over the entire map, than it is sent back for inspection to their cartographic department. Unmistakable COLUMBUS cartography: Splendor of Elegance. (Columbus)

Condition: very good, a small restauration in Norway (see picture)

Cartouche: Columbus DUO Erdglobus, Politisch u. Physikalisch, Wissentschaftlich bearbeitet v. Dr. Karlheinz Wagner, Columbus Verlag Paul Oestergaard, Berlin und Stuttgart.

$1.765,- or  € 1.250,-

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