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Trippensee planetarium (US), 1908 Mauthe Schwenningen tellurium  
1866 Bergh Felkl & Son Tellurium Laing Planetarium Co., Detroit, Michigan: c. 1890, with manual A.J. Nystrom & Co, 1875
Back Engelse Bergh Felkl and Son Tellurium Ernst Schotte & Co, 1875 Russel Hawkes tellurium, 1900
Hawkes tellurium, 1900 Hawkes tellurium 1925 Trippensee planetarium (US), 1908
Trippensee tellurium (US) 1930 Trippensee tellurium basic 1970 Editeurop (french) tellurium 1950
Motorized VEB tellurium, 1950 German Columbus tellurium, 1950  
German tellurium 1960 Flemming tellurium (german) 1965 VEB German tellurium with maunual, 1980

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