Schotte & co miniature globe, ca 1860

Diameter: 2,5 cm (1 inch)

Total height: 5,5 cm.

Age: approx. 1900 perhaps older

Description: This is a rare small beautiful globe with turned wooden foot. There are two very small paper losses (one in ocean west of Africa, one north of Australia) (see pictures)

The globe is made up of twelve coloured printed paper gores on a wooden globe, no polar calottes, the equator graduated in degrees, the ecliptic is not graduated, the continents show the major rivers and major countries and areas. The borders of the south pole are not shown.

Cartouche: none. The globe is very likely made by Schotte en co. This company produces globes from 1876 till 1900. Their smallest globe is this one inch miniature globe. Probably one the smallest globes with real paper gores ever made.


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