Aardglobe, uitgave erven J. Bijleveld, 1930

Total height 39 cm diameter 16 cm.

A relatively rare Dutch globe of Bijleveld, Utrecht: ‘Aardglobe by Dr. R. Neuse. Nederlandse bewerking van R.E. Kaltofen, van R.E. Kaltofen, Leraar Rijks HBS, Utrecht.’ Uitgave Erven J. Bijleveld, Utrecht. Columbus Verlag G.m.b.H., Berlin Lichterfelde. Two different editions were sold, both in the period 1920-1940 (Globi Neerlandi, Peter van der Krogt p.397).

 This globe is of approximately from 1930: Istanbul is still called Constantinople (1930) but Peiping is called already Peking (1928). The globe is generally in a good condition, but there are small tears and a small part in Australia misses. In the foot are some old wormholes.

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