Aardglobe, uitgave erven J. Bijleveld, 1910

Diameter: 32 cm

Total height: 60 cm.

Age: 1910-1920. This globe is of approximately from 1920: Leningrad is called St. Peterburg (1914), Panamacanal present (1914), Istanbul is still called Constantinople (1930)

Condition: This globe has become a nice patina over time. The globe in good condition for its age apart from the fact that is darkened over time (see pictures)

Description: A relatively rare Dutch globe of Bijleveld, Utrecht: ‘Aardglobe by Dr. R. Neuse. Nederlandse bewerking van R.E. Kaltofen.Two different editions were sold, both in the period 1920-1940 (Globi Neerlandi, Peter van der Krogt p.397). The other one is also sold at Gaia Globes.

Cartouche: Aardglobe door Dr. R. Neuse Nederlandse bewerking van R.E. Kaltofen, Leraar Rijks HBS, Utrecht.’ Uitgave Erven J. Bijleveld, Utrecht. Columbus Verlag G.m.b.H., Berlin Lichterfelde.

$ 410,- of € 350,-

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